Useful Links

Russian Alphabet

Online Courses and Applications

  • Russian Course On Duolingo
  • Russian Lessons on RT – RT is controversial, but their course is really good
  • Aprus is a service to learn Russian online in a funny and easy way (with audios, images and videos). Students can contact a teacher whenever they need and the first course is free.

One-on-one Lessons and Tutors

Video Lessons On Youtube

  • Amazing Russian – video instructions created by Olga Jarrell, Russian Language and ESL Instructor at Utah Valley University
  • Russian Grammar – short videos on essential topics in Russian grammar, presented in a friendly, low-stress way; designed and presented by Dr. Curtis Ford.

Online Libraries

  • – Maksim Moshkov’s Library, one of the first and the most popular online libraries. All the books are free for reading on the website, no download
  • Aldebaran – free download (epub, fb2, rtf, mobi, pdf)
  • Read Tolstoy online – all 90 volumes! Free download
  • Russian Sci-Fi – free download, classic and contemporary writers
  • Thank You. Ru – Music and books, “pay what you want” publishing platform for amateur and professional writers


  • Russian Coach – a blog of a learner of Russian named Aslıhan, where she shares her experience in language learning, tips and tricks, and hand-picked educational materials.
  • Learn The Russian Language – A collection of a articles with tips, tricks and useful resources for Russian learners.