Russian Alphabet

Online Courses and Apps

  • Russian Course On Duolingo
  • Russian Lessons on RT – RT is controversial, but their course is really good
  • Aprus is a service to learn Russian online in a funny and easy way (with audios, images and videos). Students can contact a teacher whenever they need and the first course is free.
  • Grand Russian Dictionary – an application that is much more than just a dictionary. Almost each word in the dictionary comes with English translation, its grammatical forms (declensions for nouns and adjectives, conjugations for verbs), word usage and Russian definition. Download the app for Android here. iOS version is coming soon.
  • Live Fluent – a community of polyglots and language lovers compiled a free Russian learning resource that tackles some of the more difficult parts of Russian grammar.
  • Tandem Language Exchange – an application that helps to find a matching language exchange partner; with the Tandem app, you can connect with native speakers of your target language all over the world and practice by speaking via text, audio message, and video call.
  • Russian Accent | Ударения – over 150,000 Russian words with the accent mark in different grammatical forms, + tests; good for native speakers as well as Russian learners.

One-on-one Lessons and Tutors

Video Lessons On Youtube

  • Amazing Russian – video instructions created by Olga Jarrell, Russian Language and ESL Instructor at Utah Valley University
  • Russian Grammar – short videos on essential topics in Russian grammar, presented in a friendly, low-stress way; designed and presented by Dr. Curtis Ford.


  • Staroe Radio – Old Soviet radio shows – now digitized. The project offers a free application (App Store, Google Play) that helps navigating the archive and plays the shows It’s a treasure box for learners of Russian – hours and hours of podcasting, and classy, impeccable pronunciation!
  • The Naked Pravda – English-language podcast on news portal Meduza; you’ll hear from the world’s community of Russia experts, activists, and reporters about the latest news and important events in Russia.

Online Libraries

  • – Maksim Moshkov’s Library, one of the first and the most popular online libraries. All the books are free for reading on the website, no download
  • Aldebaran – free download (epub, fb2, rtf, mobi, pdf)
  • Read Tolstoy online – all 90 volumes! Free download
  • Russian Sci-Fi – free download, classic and contemporary writers
  • Thank You. Ru – Music and books, “pay what you want” publishing platform for amateur and professional writers