“Eugenia Vlasova has been my private tutor online for two years. If you are looking for a tutor of the Russian language who is extremely personable, patient, flexible, and understands your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, Eugenia is your answer.

First of all she is a brilliant, linguistic scholar. It is in these areas that she has helped me greatly, from helping me edit the Russian sources in my book, to helping me prepare to present a paper (in Russian) at a conference in Russia! I could not have accomplished these things without her. Often we have conversations that involve her explaining the origins of words so that it helps you “understand” the word itself and in its function in terms of how it “operates” in the language. This helps the student greatly, as you begin to understand the “mentality” of the language, and therefore, Russians! It also helps you understand the ways to overcome navigating Russian because you are trying to navigate it through your native language – which is not what you want to do.

Second, she provides a variety of lessons, mixing it all up so that you, over time, are getting a holistic approach to the language. Specifically this includes grammar, structure, conversations, reading, listening, and working with your accent, intonation, and inflection. She will have me write essays, or watch a Russian film and talk about it (in Russian), or listen to Russian music, or read poetry. She also frequently discusses many aspects of Russian society and cultural practices. All these methodologies provide a holistic approach to helping a student’s language skills.

Finally, her rate is very reasonable; and investing in her expertise is well worth it. I have come a long way and I owe it all to Eugenia!”

— Sally Stocksdale, Ph.D.